About Responder mhfa

Jo Lindholm - Founder/Lead Trainer at Responder MHFA

Jo has a wealth of experience in the area of mental health. She holds a BSc (Hons) and a MSc in Psychology and has taught Psychology in schools for over 13 years. Whilst teaching she has very much been on the 'front line' in supporting young people with mental health challenges, both in the classroom and as a pastoral care leader.  In addition, Jo has worked extensively as a Tutor/Mentor supporting students who are struggling academically, many as a result of on-going mental health issues.  Alongside this, Jo has worked as a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant, leading workshops in schools for teachers, students and parents, encouraging the importance of talking about mental health and ill-health. She also leads workshops for another organisation she heads up called 'Study Skills Academy', working with schools and parents to help improve the wellbeing of students by teaching them about the psychology of learning and memory and effective study and revision skills. 

Jo set up 'Responder MHFA' in recognition of the absolute need for teachers and other adults working with young people to be properly trained so that they can spot the signs of mental ill-health and respond quickly and confidently. Early intervention is absolutely crucial in limiting the lifelong impact of mental ill-health on the development of young people and Jo is passionate about helping reduce the mental health training gap in schools through her Responder MHFA training. 

Jo is an accredited Instructor Member, approved by MHFA England to deliver Youth MHFA courses. 


About MHFA England


MHFA is an internationally recognised course, taught in

25 countries around the world. There are now over 2.6

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